Senin, 11 April 2016

Education : Way for Better Future and Better World

Education is the key of success especially in this era. Most of developed country in this world accentuate education sector to make quality human resources. There is some reason that make education is important.

From education or “systematic education” it can make a quality human resource. Education can empowering people knowledge and also build people character. Education give precious experience that helpful to survive in life.

In the other hand, Quality human resource is needed by the government of all country in this world to develop their country. Many of government all around the world especially developed country accentuate education sector to make quality human resources in order to face globalization. human resource role is significant in this era.

Take, by way of example, Singapore. The most developed country in South East Asia. Start with no natural resource even at the time the country was in chaos condition, Singapore can rise from adversity and became the most of developed country in South East Asia. All of it can happened most causes by quality human resource of Singapore. Since Singapore declare freedom at 1965, the government start to develop their country by education.

Beside empowering knowledge, good education also build people character and make human being human. Education also help people to find the identity. Education also help people to develop people interest and talent.

In the end, education is important in people life. All of people in this world especially children on their growing stage should get an education to survive in life and make better future and better world.

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