Selasa, 02 Februari 2016

Holiday 2015 Edition

Hello friends,
How are you? I hope you healthy and wealthy?
So, Now I'm gonna tell you about Adventurous journey that I want to share with you
Check it out.

Last holiday, on the last part of 2015, I and my family went spend our holiday time. We went there on December 25th 2015 by an airplane from Bandung Husein Airport at 6 am on Indonesia time, it was a nice flight and the airline served us well. We arrived at Changi International Airport at 7 am Singapore time. We planned to stay at Singapore for 3 days.

Then, after finished our Business in the Airport, we went to hotel by taxi. And after we putted our belonging at the hotel, we went out to take a breakfast. Finally we found a kopitiam near our hotel, I took nasi lemak and tea tarik for my breakfast. After we finished our breakfast, we went back to our hotel to took a bath and my little nephew said he wanted to swim first, So I, my brother and my little nephew swam at the swimming pool in the hotel until 11 am.

1 pm, we started our journey at Singapore. We went to Orchard Rd, my mother and my sister was happy to shopped in Orchard Rd. They bought  a lot of stuff in Orchard such us t-shirt, trousers, and food for gift, but I saw my father face looks worried about the price,hahaha. After finished in Orchard, my father suggested us to have dinner at Clark Quay and we just accepted it, in there we ate seafood such as stingray, fish, and Lobster...Yummy.

Second day, we decided to enjoy Santosa this day. we went there by taxi. first we went to Universal Studio, In there we played a lot of ride especially "adrenaline pumped" ride like "The Mummy" and "Jurassic Park". My little Nephew looks so fun and enjoy in there, He said that he wanted to play there until night but we ran out of time so at 5 am before we went back to the hotel we went to the beach to see the sunset. After that we came back to the hotel and we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. The food is not bad, I took grilled fish and fried rice for my dinner.

Last day before we went home. We came to Merlion, that is Singapore Landmark that famous in Asia. We took A Photo in there. After that we go to China Town and Little India to by stuff for my relative and neighbours in Bandung, I bought key chain, t-shirt and jam . Then we went to the Airport and went back to Bandung.

That was Adventurous journey for me and Family Time also. The holiday is refresh me. And it also my little nephew first experienced to Travel abroad. I hope I can travel abroad again with my family next time and started my new adventure.

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