Selasa, 01 September 2015

Met My Friend In The Sidewalk

Today, i met my friend, Ghanes on my way back home. I was Standing in the sidewalk when Ghanes Through. an we had some conversation thare.

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Iza : Hi Ghanes! 
Ghanes : Iza? oh here you are bro...
Iza : yeah dude, By the way are you good?
Ghanes : i'm alright. and you are good today, aren't it?
Iza: yeah brother you right
Ghanes: oh ya, Iza I heard from my mama that you won Baseball competition in London, is it true
Iza : Your Mother is so true body.
Ghanes : Fantastic body! congratulation on your win. I hope you'll win and win again
Iza : Thank you brother. by the way i have bought you newest book, actually yesterday i bought it. but i forget the name
Ghanes : "From Cimahi with love" you mean?
Iza : that's it. its out of the box body. the book is very inspiring me. i think you'll be the great writer. i can see your future from your book.
Ghanes : hahaha. Thank you for buying my book anyway
Iza : haha, hey look there is a new coffee shop of there. let's have some coffee
Ghanes : oh yeah, let's try it.

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