Selasa, 01 September 2015

My Friend

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you stay healthy and wealthy
 Ok, now I'm going to introduce one of classmate in X IPA 9. Want to know who is him?
Let's check it up!

His name is Muhammad Dzaky Alamsyah, I usually call him "Alam". He looks like other people in the same age with him. His tall is about 150 cm. He has black hair, brown eyes, and brown skin. I think his body is in medium size...I mean his body is not fat but also not slim, just proportional.

We began to knew each other is when our english teacher commanded us to interview someone in the class that we don't I started to interview Alam and we were introduced our self each other.

From the interview, I got that Alam was born on August 28th 2000 in Bandung. His addrres is in Pasir Impun Street. Bandung. His hobby is read Al Qur'an and his Favorite food is nasi goreng. My first impression about him, I thought he is a good man and religious it reflected from how he speak and his  behaviour.

His idol is Muhammad SAW prophet. I heard a lot of Muhammad prophet story from him. He likes to story about Badar war( the biggest war in Muhammad prophet era). Well, I see that he has a lot of knowledge about Islam and that make me happy because I interest to anything about Islam

He has several unique habit. For example he usually ride his bicycle to go to school, he likes to comes to  the mosque earlier than other and consistence on what he does. And sometimes I saw him reads and memorizes Holy Al Qur'an sentence. For me, that was very cool and like what I said before, He is very religious.

not just religious, but he alsoa diligent student. He never late to come to school and never late to collect the task and He also likes to help his friends that in trouble.

Last time, when the school time off, we went to Taman Lansia and Pusdai in the afternoon in event to explore Bandung city. We went there by our bicycle and that was full of fun. We talked about Bandung, took a photo in the famous place, and bought some food. Here is his photo in pusdai

For me, he is my good friend.  And I hope this friendship will last forever

Thanks for reading.

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