Minggu, 23 Agustus 2015

About me?

Want to know about me?

If yes, here I want to introduce my self

OK, My Name is Iza Azmar Aminudin, people used to call me Iza. I'm a male of course. I was born on June 5th1999. I’m a Moeslim and I'm proud of it. I’m an Indonesian and my origin is Sundanise. I lived in Bandung my addres is Margahayu street no.43. I live here with my family. There is My father an Engineer , my mother was a housewife and I have three older sister which is two  of them have been married and the other one is still studying in university. When it was Holiday. We usually go traveling. I Love my family and it was a great time to gather with them.

Now, I still on my first grade in SMA 3 Bandung, it located in Belitung street no.8. I’m glad to be  SMA 3  student. My class in SMA 3 Bandung is X IPA, I think I got a lot of fun with them and it will be a good time when we spend our time in SMA 3.

My Hobby is playing football. I liked to play football with my neighbour in The Field near my house. We usually play when it was holiday. And sometimes our local government held football compatition for chlidren and teenegers and recently we won it…yeay!. I usually play in forward my idol in football is Cristiano Ronaldo. I also liked to watch football match directly in football stadium or just watch it on the tv. My favorite footballl team is Manchester United, I love them very much.  Other than football, sometimes when I  was boring, I heard to the music that I liked. Do you know? I love metal and rock very much. My favorite Group band are Linkin park  and Metallica. People usually  ask me why I like metal and rock ? I just can say “I DON’T KNOW, I just enjoy it ” .

My favorite food is indonesian food. Such as Sate Ayam, Soto, and Sundanise food. And my special chef? Of course my Mother. Every day my mother cook for me but sometimes we buy a meal.  My favorite color is blue. And sometimes I watch movie, my favorite movie is Shawasank Radamption… oh the movie is so inspirational and my favorite actor is Benedict Cumberbacth

I haven’t think what I’m going to be in the future but, my goal is to be succesfull in this life and and in The Afterlife. I believe what Bruce lee say “Knowing is not enogh, you must apply” so I learn from what I got and try to applicate what i know. And I realised that my knowladge is not enough and I want to get more and more knowladge, learn everything in my life until my time is up because Allah command us to learn.

I think That is it about my unique life. Hope you undertstand what I wrote. And Thank You for visited my blog


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