Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

Sound of Music-Favorite Song

Hi Guys!!!
How do you do? Are you Interest about music? Lets talk about it

Must people in this world have their own favorite music or song. Yeah, sometimes people find a joy from music and in fact music can express our emotion and sometimes somebody used to get relaxed by music. Talking about music and song, I have my favorite song, here it is…

Song of Us-Marcomarche

 source :

Album : MarcoMarche
Lyric By
: Asterina and Duta Pamungkas
Music by
: Asterina and Duta Pamungkas
: MarcoMarche
Producer : Demajors
: Indie

and here is the Video

Did you ever seen such a tiny thee
You make me try so hard to hide it
It is the time to kill this moment
It's better to be called us agree

I can see you
I can hear you
I can touch you
I can see your dream
I can hear your tears
I can touch your soul

Would you ever feel such a rocky thee
You make me try so hard to find it
It is the time to feel this moment
It's better to be called as I away

I can see you
I can hear you
I can touch you
I can see your dream
I can hear your tears
I can touch your soul
I can see you
I can hear you
I can touch you
I can see your dream
I can hear your tears
I can touch your soul

You can hear so loud
You can see so clear
You can see your eyes like you can hear your voice
You can hear so loud
You can see so clear
You can see your eyes like you can hear your voice
You can hear so loud
You can see so clear
You can see your eyes like you can hear your voice
You can hear so loud
You can see clear

You can see your eyes like you can hear your voice

This is presented by Marcomarche the couple of music that have Indie genre. From this song, it represented people that very close to somebody and he can feel somebody feel and they bound together very close until they just like can hear each other sound of heart. This song shows how if we know each other it will raise the empathy between us from the couple Marcomarche opinion. On their interview about “warmhouse”album they said that, “Song of Us” was inspired by their story in real life.
I think the sound of guitar in this song it’s so relaxing plus tunable vocal and deep lyric make this song so good especially when I’m tired or bored. Anyway Marcomarche is indie band so just like another indie band, they are not famous among general teenager.

How about you my friend? What is your favorite music? If you want to share with me about music, you can tell me on the comment box below. Thank You.

Senin, 11 April 2016

Education : Way for Better Future and Better World

Education is the key of success especially in this era. Most of developed country in this world accentuate education sector to make quality human resources. There is some reason that make education is important.

From education or “systematic education” it can make a quality human resource. Education can empowering people knowledge and also build people character. Education give precious experience that helpful to survive in life.

In the other hand, Quality human resource is needed by the government of all country in this world to develop their country. Many of government all around the world especially developed country accentuate education sector to make quality human resources in order to face globalization. human resource role is significant in this era.

Take, by way of example, Singapore. The most developed country in South East Asia. Start with no natural resource even at the time the country was in chaos condition, Singapore can rise from adversity and became the most of developed country in South East Asia. All of it can happened most causes by quality human resource of Singapore. Since Singapore declare freedom at 1965, the government start to develop their country by education.

Beside empowering knowledge, good education also build people character and make human being human. Education also help people to find the identity. Education also help people to develop people interest and talent.

In the end, education is important in people life. All of people in this world especially children on their growing stage should get an education to survive in life and make better future and better world.

Selasa, 02 Februari 2016

Holiday 2015 Edition

Hello friends,
How are you? I hope you healthy and wealthy?
So, Now I'm gonna tell you about Adventurous journey that I want to share with you
Check it out.

Last holiday, on the last part of 2015, I and my family went spend our holiday time. We went there on December 25th 2015 by an airplane from Bandung Husein Airport at 6 am on Indonesia time, it was a nice flight and the airline served us well. We arrived at Changi International Airport at 7 am Singapore time. We planned to stay at Singapore for 3 days.

Then, after finished our Business in the Airport, we went to hotel by taxi. And after we putted our belonging at the hotel, we went out to take a breakfast. Finally we found a kopitiam near our hotel, I took nasi lemak and tea tarik for my breakfast. After we finished our breakfast, we went back to our hotel to took a bath and my little nephew said he wanted to swim first, So I, my brother and my little nephew swam at the swimming pool in the hotel until 11 am.

1 pm, we started our journey at Singapore. We went to Orchard Rd, my mother and my sister was happy to shopped in Orchard Rd. They bought  a lot of stuff in Orchard such us t-shirt, trousers, and food for gift, but I saw my father face looks worried about the price,hahaha. After finished in Orchard, my father suggested us to have dinner at Clark Quay and we just accepted it, in there we ate seafood such as stingray, fish, and Lobster...Yummy.

Second day, we decided to enjoy Santosa this day. we went there by taxi. first we went to Universal Studio, In there we played a lot of ride especially "adrenaline pumped" ride like "The Mummy" and "Jurassic Park". My little Nephew looks so fun and enjoy in there, He said that he wanted to play there until night but we ran out of time so at 5 am before we went back to the hotel we went to the beach to see the sunset. After that we came back to the hotel and we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. The food is not bad, I took grilled fish and fried rice for my dinner.

Last day before we went home. We came to Merlion, that is Singapore Landmark that famous in Asia. We took A Photo in there. After that we go to China Town and Little India to by stuff for my relative and neighbours in Bandung, I bought key chain, t-shirt and jam . Then we went to the Airport and went back to Bandung.

That was Adventurous journey for me and Family Time also. The holiday is refresh me. And it also my little nephew first experienced to Travel abroad. I hope I can travel abroad again with my family next time and started my new adventure.

Selasa, 17 November 2015

Explore Bandung (Taman Lansia)

Hi Guys!
Here I'm Gonna show you about once of Best place in Bandung It is Taman Lansia. Last month, Me and my Friends Alam went to this place in order to explore Bandung. Here is The Photo

Cisangkuy Yoghurt

The Place Is Very Good and Cozy, You have to visit it.

Selasa, 15 September 2015

Event at School : Football competition

Assalamu'alaikum. Wr.Wb
Hi guys! Now I'm going to present you one of event in school exactly a football competition. It's Named "3 LIGA 2015". It will held on 2015 and the venue is Bali Pitch near SMA 3 & 5 Bandung. The Competition is a football league between all senior high school football team in Bandung Raya. SMA 3 Bandung Student is The Official and the host of this competition. Our football team also join the Competition. Not much different than the other football competition or league, The special of this event are : This competition will be followed by more than 32 Senior High School football team in Bandung Raya, there will be a "Bazzar" and food stand around the pitch, Live Music performance after the final game, and many more.

Hope You guys interested with this competition.

See you

Selasa, 01 September 2015

My Friend

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you stay healthy and wealthy
 Ok, now I'm going to introduce one of classmate in X IPA 9. Want to know who is him?
Let's check it up!

His name is Muhammad Dzaky Alamsyah, I usually call him "Alam". He looks like other people in the same age with him. His tall is about 150 cm. He has black hair, brown eyes, and brown skin. I think his body is in medium size...I mean his body is not fat but also not slim, just proportional.

We began to knew each other is when our english teacher commanded us to interview someone in the class that we don't I started to interview Alam and we were introduced our self each other.

From the interview, I got that Alam was born on August 28th 2000 in Bandung. His addrres is in Pasir Impun Street. Bandung. His hobby is read Al Qur'an and his Favorite food is nasi goreng. My first impression about him, I thought he is a good man and religious it reflected from how he speak and his  behaviour.

His idol is Muhammad SAW prophet. I heard a lot of Muhammad prophet story from him. He likes to story about Badar war( the biggest war in Muhammad prophet era). Well, I see that he has a lot of knowledge about Islam and that make me happy because I interest to anything about Islam

He has several unique habit. For example he usually ride his bicycle to go to school, he likes to comes to  the mosque earlier than other and consistence on what he does. And sometimes I saw him reads and memorizes Holy Al Qur'an sentence. For me, that was very cool and like what I said before, He is very religious.

not just religious, but he alsoa diligent student. He never late to come to school and never late to collect the task and He also likes to help his friends that in trouble.

Last time, when the school time off, we went to Taman Lansia and Pusdai in the afternoon in event to explore Bandung city. We went there by our bicycle and that was full of fun. We talked about Bandung, took a photo in the famous place, and bought some food. Here is his photo in pusdai

For me, he is my good friend.  And I hope this friendship will last forever

Thanks for reading.

Met My Friend In The Sidewalk

Today, i met my friend, Ghanes on my way back home. I was Standing in the sidewalk when Ghanes Through. an we had some conversation thare.

 picture source :
Iza : Hi Ghanes! 
Ghanes : Iza? oh here you are bro...
Iza : yeah dude, By the way are you good?
Ghanes : i'm alright. and you are good today, aren't it?
Iza: yeah brother you right
Ghanes: oh ya, Iza I heard from my mama that you won Baseball competition in London, is it true
Iza : Your Mother is so true body.
Ghanes : Fantastic body! congratulation on your win. I hope you'll win and win again
Iza : Thank you brother. by the way i have bought you newest book, actually yesterday i bought it. but i forget the name
Ghanes : "From Cimahi with love" you mean?
Iza : that's it. its out of the box body. the book is very inspiring me. i think you'll be the great writer. i can see your future from your book.
Ghanes : hahaha. Thank you for buying my book anyway
Iza : haha, hey look there is a new coffee shop of there. let's have some coffee
Ghanes : oh yeah, let's try it.